Hop right on!

Over the weekend, we released burrp! express; deciding where you’re going to eat at and what cuisine you want to gorge on is going to be the reason for this baby to function. It’s fast, slick and incredibly user-friendly.

Once you’re onto our homepage, make sure to click the footer pop-up: http://www.burrp.com/express

Go ahead and do give our new feature a try – we’re sure that you will find it much easier to narrow upon places to eat at. Sift through categories like locality, cuisine and price. There’s also an ‘explore’ category where you can chance upon newly opened places, places we’ve awarded certificates to and our editor’s picks.

Well, we shouldn’t be telling you everything here so for now, click the link and tell us what you think!

Our team would love to hear from you so send us your feedback on facebook/twitter or just be old school: e-mail us at feedback@burrp.com 😉

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