Today’s News Infomedia Yellow Pages: When fortune comes knocking at your doorstep

Contract Advertising has crafted a commercial for Infomedia Yellow Pages, based on the insight that business will come pouring in from all kinds of sources if one gets listed in Infomedia Yellow Pages.

Infomedia Yellow Pages may be a popular brand, but many may not fully understand how being present on it can actually benefit them. Infomedia Yellow Pages, through its campaign that targets corporates, working professionals and entrepreneurs of all kinds including those in SMEs, hopes to bring across ways by which one can actually grow his business and gain new clients through visibility in the directory. And, this has been brought to the fore with messaging that encourages its target group to visit the online version of the directory and register themselves.

Ali Siddiqi, assistant general manager, marketing, Infomedia 18, remarks, “Infomedia Yellow Pages has been a popular business directory connecting buyers and sellers for the past 21 years. The online market for local search is growing at a rapid pace. It’s driven by its ease of use, is quantifiable, and has perceptions of being up-to-date and modern.”

Infomedia is making a foray into the online market through its website, to leverage its advertiser base. To position Yellow Pages as an up-to-date, modern brand offering online solutions, the company has targeted mainly males aged between 32 and 38 years of age, and who maybe small and medium business owners.

The TVC shows people in ordinary-looking small offices, where the entrepreneur sees a red card in unexpected places — like on a sofa, or in a bookshelf, or even on the tiles on a floor. On pulling these cards, a ‘client’ emerges each time, and the jingle explains how more and more clients and business arrive with increased visibility on

The task is simple: to convey to people the fact that finding clients is now easier with an added online presence, with the brand’s large advertiser base.

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